BIOEX designs, manufactures and distributes high quality and innovative firefighting foams. 



Pioneer in environmentally friendly fire protection solutions, BIOEX launched the 1rst multipurpose fluorine-free foam on the market in 2002. Thanks to decades of experience, customers can rely on BIOEX foam concentrates’ quality and efficiency. Innovation and technical expertise allowed BIOEX products to be chosen by major fire response organizations worldwide.

BIOEX supplies a wide range of synthetic premium fluorine-free foams and C6 fluorinated firefighting foams, including class B FFF, FFF-AR, AFFF, AFFF-AR, HI-EX foams, and class A foams. Foam concentrates are usable in low, medium, and high expansion, compatible with most of foam equipment available on the market. Foam concentrates answer fire risks faced by any firefighting professionals in oil & gas companies, chemical industries, airports, maritime terminals, waste treatment plants and fire departments throughout the world.

BIOEX has also developed specialty foams such as training foam, neutralizing additive for toxic vapours and an additive to breakdown unwanted or excess firefighting foam.

Firefighting foam concentrates are designed to provide the best extinguishing performance and burnback resistance. They comply with international standards: EN 1568, UL162, LASTFIRE, GESIP, ICAO, IMO, VERITAS, USDA, CEREN, GREENSCREEN…



To control foam concentrate quality, BIOEX laboratory offers unbiased and reliable foam analysis with all types of foam concentrates. The company offers small scale and large-scale fire tests on specific fuels.

Environmental concerns are rising. Many sectors are transitioning or have transitioned to FFF, BIOEX is your partner to support to the transition from AFFF to Fluorine-Free Foam.




Established in 1998 nearby Lyon (France), BIOEX moved in 2020 in new facility to expand its laboratory, production, storage, and distribution capacities. Fluorine-free and fluorinated production processes are separated, to guarantee environmentally friendly products, free of fluorinated compounds.

The company, composed of a team of foam expert and passionate people, is focused on high quality product development, customer satisfaction and immediate service. BIOEX prioritize customer deadlines, ensure its service reliability, and respect health, safety, ethical and environmental rules. The company is ISO 9001 v2015 certified.

BIOEX supplies foam products to fire management and firefighting organizations around the world. 

The company is part of the LEADER group, an expert in firefighting equipment manufacturing such as nozzles, monitors, foam inductors, high expansion foam generators, fans, search & rescue, thermal imaging cameras... The group has an international presence with its subsidiaries LEADER SAS in France, LEADER GmbH in Germany, LEADER China in China, TEMPEST Technology in the USA, LEADER Photonics in Austria and BIOEX GmbH in Germany.